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Starwood Waypoint REIT Reports Highly Successful Q3

Oakland, California-based single-family rental real estate investment trust Starwood Waypoint Residential Trust announced a successful third quarter with re-performing loan net sale proceeds of $78.2 million and a merger with Colony American Homes to create a combined portfolio of 30,000 SFR homes.

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Build to Rent Strategy Gains Popularity

A combination of a lack of housing inventory, especially discounted and distressed, and a surge in demand for rental housing has caused more investors to turn to the build to rent strategy—that is, building a single-family home with the specific intent of renting it rather than sell it to an owner occupant.

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Mortgage REITs Unlikely to Catch a Break in Q3

KBW pointed to Starwood Waypoint’s merger with Colony American Homes as a boon for the firm, saying “while dilutive to book value,” the deal will resolve strategic issues that “SWAY has been facing including scale and its externally managed corporate structure.”

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Technology Figures to Play a Significantly Greater Role in the SFR Market

"Before Wall Street even entered the space, we had to build a good rental algorithm to provide a rental number for some of those other softwares," Charnoff said. "So when the market shifted and Wall Street started coming in, we were the only ones who had already collected data and figured out how to get to an accurate assessment of what the rent potential was for a single-family home."

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Confluence of Factors Has Led to the ‘Perfect Storm’ for Sustained Growth in SFR Space

Those factors include higher mortgage rates, tightening credit standards, rising home prices, an increased number of rental options, ever-increasing student loan debt, and the number of household formations to building permits combined with declines in income growth, distressed sales, personal savings rate, and the overall desire to earn a home, said Chris Crippen, managing director for US Residential Asset Fund.

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Is the Single-Family Rental Market ‘Viable’?

The consensus among the many panelists over the two-hour Property Acquisition Lab is that the SFR market is here to stay despite some naysayers who still don't believe the market can survive despite so many companies experiencing widespread success in the SFR space.

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Survival in the SFR Market Requires Unorthodox Acquisition Strategies

As a prime example of looking outside the box to acquire properties, Reid said funeral homes have even become a source from which to gain new assets. Reid said he tells the funeral homes that when they hear clients are looking to liquidate to please let him know, and his company will offer the funeral home client that option.

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Five Star to Host Inaugural Single-Family Rental Summit In Las Vegas

The summit will include labs covering such topics as acquisition, securities, financing, insurance and law, disposition strategies for the SFR market, and rehab. It will also feature an exhibit hall, a general assembly on property management, a dialogue on how to gain scale and the challenges it presents, and several networking events.

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Flexibility Is a Key Driver for Booming Single-Family Rental Market

The labor market has improved as the economy has rebounded, and people are moving from the center of the country to the coasts to places that have experienced robust job growth like New York, Florida, and Los Angeles—but they want to be able to move around without being tied down to a mortgage.

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