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Caliber Partners with FirstFunding to Transform Fundings

FirstFunding, Inc., the leading provider of warehouse facilities for non-delegated correspondent lenders, has announced that Caliber Home Loans, Inc., based in Coppell, Texas, has partnered with FirstFunding to speed funding request turn-times and reduce errors and risk by integrating Caliber’s H20 origination system with FirstFunding’s FUEL platform to develop Caliber Express Connect. FirstFunding delivers state-of-the-art technology solutions that allows Caliber Home Loans to meet one of the industry’s biggest concerns—providing a viable, secure, accelerated solutions for its Lenders.

Rapidly Growing Financial Corporation Focuses on Technology to Create Ease of Use

In today’s get-it-done-yesterday sales environment, lenders are always looking for new ways to close and fund loans faster while reducing errors and eliminating risks. Caliber Home Loans, Inc., one of the fastest-growing lenders in the nation, has recently joined forces with FirstFunding, Inc. to bring to its customers, Caliber Express Connect. Caliber’s goal is to take their technology solutions to the next level with one seamless platform that allows their non-delegated correspondent lenders to have more control, deliver faster closing times and lower their costs.

“We are very excited to partner with FirstFunding and announce the launch of Caliber Express Connect,” said Phil Shoemaker, EVP COO of Production, Caliber Home Loans, Inc. “It leverages our top-notch origination platform exclusively with FirstFunding’s system to drive an entirely faster and seamless funding process for the non-delegated correspondent lender. This type of integration that brings automation between a lender and warehouse facility is long overdue in the non-delegated correspondent space and we are excited that Caliber and FirstFunding are leading the way.”

FirstFunding’s Technology Is a Game Changer for Non-Delegated Lenders

The FirstFunding FUEL and FastPass platforms feature browser-based technology, LOS integration, customizable reports including trends report, days online report, etc., GEO mapping, seamless payments and 1098 reporting. Data integrity, security, and storage give non-delegated lenders increased control and valuable data reporting to keep their business running smoothly.

“The integration of FirstFunding and Calibers system’s is the first of its kind for non-delegated lenders,” said Jim Dunkerley, President, FirstFunding, Inc. “The industry has never had the ability to have one seamless platform for non-delegated correspondent lenders to close loans and manage their warehouse facilities. Typically, this is a multi-step, multi-platform approach. By allowing our FirstFunding technology to interact with the investors system we empower the correspondent lender to direct the passing of loan information and image documents directly from the investor’s platform to the FirstFunding platform. This seamless integration significantly reduces the need for non-delegated correspondent lenders to manually enter information and upload supporting loan documents, thus saving time, money and errors. This truly is a game-changer and one we are excited to have rolled out with our partner Caliber Home Loans.”

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