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FOMC Moves Forward on Tapering

...month. Taking over is Janet Yellen, who analysts don't expect will stray from her predecessor's current course. "[W]e expect [Yellen] to stick with the plan to continue winding down the...

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Senate Confirms Yellen as Fed Chair

...woman to take the job in the Fed's history. [IMAGE] According to """"reports"""":http://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/janet-yellen-confirmed-as-next-fed-chief/2014/01/06/14b38582-76f2-11e3-8963-b4b654bcc9b2_story.html, Yellen's nomination passed in a vote of 56-26. Like her predecessor, Yellen seems to favor the strategy...

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Commentary: Looking Forward

...meeting to wind the program down. We believe the process will take longer than many think. Janet Yellen has been dovish in her comments on monetary policy and the Fed...

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Fed to Begin Tapering Asset Purchases

...purchases ""are not on a preset course."" Nine committee members voted for the policy change, including Fed chair Ben Bernanke and Janet Yellen, his likely replacement. Voting against it was...

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Commentary: Whither the Fed

...40 years. The investment decisions were made by Summers. [COLUMN_BREAK] Now that he has withdrawn, ironically â€" in light of his Harvard comments â€" Fed Vice Chair Janet Yellen is...

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Commentary: Summers Time?

...the Fed if vice chair Janet Yellen is promoted, but a chair who is pegged as ""sexist"":http://www.thecrimson.com/article/2005/1/14/summers-comments-on-women-and-science/ if Lawrence Summers gets the nod. There would be a certain irony if...

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