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The Week Ahead: Evaluating the 2024 REO Landscape

On Wednesday, January 24 at 11:00 a.m. Central, the latest in the FORCE Membership Webinar Series will be held when the Five Star FORCE Group presents “2024 Market Update With Jim Hastings and Rande Johnsen.”

Open to FORCE members and non-members, this webinar is designed to equip you with valuable tools to enhance and grow your business. As a resource for industry education, the FORCE Group’s complimentary webinars are led by top subject-matter experts, and are tailored to provide valuable insight and education on crucial topics that significantly impact the REO industry.

During the “2024 Market Update With Jim Hastings and Rande Johnsen,” FORCE Advisory Council Chair Jim Hastings will be joined by his friend and Trustee Corps Director Rande Johnsen to discuss the upcoming year for REO, and what they expect to happen in the market. Will we have another repeat of 2008? What new laws are coming into effect, and what do they mean for you? Hastings and Johnsen will discuss the impact of hedge funds and the market, foreclosure volume, and the tools that agents need to be successful in today’s REO landscape.

Hastings, current President of Hastings Brokerage Ltd., serves as Chairman of the FORCE. In existence since 1984, Hastings Brokerage Ltd. is a Las Vegas-based real estate firm that specializes in helping mortgage servicers and residential real estate portfolio managers with their complete REO process. Hastings holds a bachelor’s degree in real estate from Arizona State University, and has closed more than $1 billion in residential REO. He holds real estate broker licenses in Nevada, California, Arizona, and formerly Ohio. He has had offices in each state, but only operating in Nevada now. Hastings is also the Co-Founder of Broker Brain, a web-based REO management system used throughout country.

Johnsen is currently Director of Trustee Corps, and has more than 35 years of experience in the foreclosure, trustee, escrow, and title industries. Beginning with flagship company Trustee Corps, which he founded in 1992, his group of businesses includes title and escrow services, and he has emerged as a leader in the auction sale to service clients in most western U.S., where non-judicial foreclosures are concerned. His companies’ clients include major government agencies, banks, mortgage loan servicers, and a boutique division that caters to smaller, private lenders, and law firms. Johnsen is a native of Southern California, and graduated from California State University, Long Beach with an undergraduate degree in business administration. He spends his time between residences in Newport Beach, California, and Las Vegas.

Click here for more information or to register for the “2024 Market Update With Jim Hastings and Rande Johnsen” webinar.

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