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IndiSoft Enhances Technology to Meet New HAFA Directives

RxOffice, a default management technology platform from ""IndiSoft"":http://www.indisoft.us, was recently enhanced to meet the ""updated Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives"":https://www.hmpadmin.com/portal/programs/docs/hamp_servicer/sd1102.pdf (HAFA) eligibility rules and forms, such as the Dodd-Frank affidavit.
[IMAGE] Specifically, the RxOffice short sale module supports the capture of data needed to execute either a HAFA or traditional short sale.

""Part of experiencing success in mortgage technology is providing the industry with the most up-to-date systems as quickly as possible,"" said Anna Taylor, chief technology


officer of IndiSoft, a Maryland-headquartered technology development firm that focuses on systems for the default services industry.

""It is imperative for technology to maintain continuous industry changes, and our RxOffice platform allows users to have peace of mind that their processes will be compliant,"" Taylor added.

RxOffice Short Sale enables Realtors, short sale outsource service providers, and sellers and homeowners to initiate and track short sales. The system's document management capability makes documents viewable and electronically available to homeowners, Realtors, title agents.

Wingspan Portfolio Advisors, a special servicer based in Dallas, uses RxOffice Short Sale for relocation-based short sale processing.

Robert Shiller, Wingspan's VP of enhanced servicing, commented, ""We are very pleased to have a technology partnership in which we do not have to be concerned about whether we are compliant with the latest regulatory changes and requirements. IndiSoft not only provides stellar technology, it also has the commitment to the industry that is needed to help with rebuilding.""

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