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The Ripple Effect of New Data Collection Rules

...and pricing regressions; redlining analyses; comparative file reviews; and exception monitoring. All small business lending units must ensure that they have robust processes and quality control functions for adverse action...

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Bridging the Racial Homeownership Gap

...Living in inadequate housing requires more upkeep and paying relatively more in property taxes. Legacies of redlining and current discriminatory lending have also hampered Black households' efforts to gain access...

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Tech’s Role in Eliminating Appraisal Bias

...know they’re being asked to do. The third category is systemic bias—the results of larger-scale bias decisions that perhaps were made historically. This includes things like historic redlining, government policies,...

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On the State of Black Homeownership

...toxic facilities in the United States. And decades of redlining and segregation has ensured that Black inner-city communities are home to some of the most deteriorated infrastructure in the nation....

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Examining Racial Barriers in Homeownership

...loan, earning less money can make getting approved for a mortgage more difficult. Further, the legacies of historical policies meant to disenfranchise Black homebuyers, like illegal “redlining,” and other discriminatory...

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