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MortgageKeeper Referral Services Announces 217,000 Referrals in Q1

""MortgageKeeper Referral Services"":http://www.mortgagekeeper.com/ released its Homeowner Needs Status Report for the 2012 first quarter ending March 31.


The report revealed that homeowners received 217,000 referrals, or requests for local assistance, from MortgageKeeper - more than twice the level of referrals for the same period last year.


Counselors and servicers who subscribe to MortgageKeeper's database provide struggling homeowners with a list of exhaustively researched nonprofit and government agencies that can offer help.

Typically, the agencies are located a few miles away and help homeowners reduce their monthly expenses so they can have more funds to put toward their mortgage payments.

""People are starting to rebuild balance sheets and banks are pushing for resolutions, so both sides are moving at last. But as this rebalancing takes place, homeowners clearly need extra help,"" said Dr. J. Michael Collins, MortgageKeeper co-founder.

MortgageKeeper subscribers include American Home Mortgage Servicing, Ocwen Loan Servicing, First Guaranty Mortgage, and Saxon Mortgage Services.

Based in Downers Grove, Illinois, MortgageKeeper Referral Services connects individuals in financial distress to valuable, reputable community services.

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