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Radian Reports September Delinquencies

""Radian Guaranty Inc."":http://www.radian.biz/page?name=HomePage wrote $3.54 billion in new mortgage insurance in September, the company reported Wednesday.


The mortgage insurer started off with 94,823 delinquent loans in September and ended with a slightly higher number of loans, 94,831, in delinquency.

Radian's 4,485 cures, 1,327 paid loans, and 610 rescissions and denials weren't enough to bring down the monthly total for delinquencies since the company saw 6,430 more delinquencies.

In an attempt to proactively manage its capital, Radian also reported that it expects to maintain a risk-to-capital ratio below 25:1 for the rest of this year.

Headquartered in Philadelphia, Radian Group provides private mortgage insurance and related risk mitigation products and services to mortgage lenders nationwide through its principal operating subsidiary, Radian Guaranty Inc.

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