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ISGN Launches Smart Phone App to Assist Appraisers

""ISGN Corporation"":http://www.isgn.com/ announced Monday the launch of a new smart phone app for its Gators browser-based settlement services and vendor management system.


The app is designed to assist appraisers, title abstractors and closing agents out in the field. It allows vendors to accept, decline, or update orders from the field, helping vendors to manage their time. The app also replaces multiple manual tools used by appraisers, such as note pads, voice recorders, and cameras. It guides the appraiser through the home inspection process and has the ability to organize photos and upload data to office computers or ISGN's global processing facilities.


""Gators new smart phone app can create huge time savings for appraisers,"" said Ankush Dham, director of technology solutions at ISGN. ""The app is very detailed and walks appraisers out in the field through what photos and information are required for the report, including comps. With the app, appraisers don't have to come back into the office to accept or deny appraisal orders, greatly enhancing productivity in the field.""

The app soon will be available for the iPhone ® at the Apple Store where it can be downloaded. ISGN also plans to support apps for the Android phone, the Blackberry and other smart phone platforms.

ISGN plans to support apps for Android, Blackberry, and other smart phone platforms. A demo of the app will be available to view at ISGN's booth at the National Settlement Services & Compliance Summit in Cleveland on June 12-13.

ISGN is a leading provider of mortgage technology and services and is based in Bensalem, Pennsylvania.


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