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Bradford Technologies Announces Upgrades to Appraisal Software

""Bradford Technologies"":http://www.bradfordsoftware.com/ announced Monday the release of the next generation of its Collateral Valuation Report (CVR), a product that introduced statistical analysis into the appraisal process.


CVR 2.0 combines four analyses: Market analysis, regression analysis, the sales comparison approach, and the listing comparison approach to find a reliable value conclusion. The updated technology also introduces value ranges to help summarize results visually and identity theft and appraisal fraud technology to prevent fraudulent schemes.

Together, the enhancements are designed to provide greater clarity and transparency of the appraiser's valuation process.

""Lenders have seen the benefits of statistically-enhanced appraisals. The future is about valuation analytics, scatter plots, and regression models,"" said Jeff Bradford, CEO of Bradford Technologies. ""CVR 2.0 has all this today. With the CVR 2.0, appraisers can provide their clients with the most reliable, most advanced , statistically accurate appraisal in America.""

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Bradford Technologies produces software to assist with residential appraisal, property history reports, UAD compliance, and more.

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