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New Valuation Product Combines Three BPOs

Valuation Vision, based in California, has released a new valuation product that relies on the assessments of not one but three real estate professionals.

BPOMerge offers servicers and investors a comprehensive report with broker price opinions (BPOs) from three real estate agents.

MergeValue then analyzes the comparables the agents relied on and employs advanced algorithms to calculate a single price based on all the data from the agents. Each agent's comparables are weighted by the agent's performance metrics.

MergeValue also applies a confidence score based on how closely the three agents agree and whether the comparables fall closely in line with the ultimate valuation.

James A. Kirchmeyer, CEO of the Kirchmeyer Group, the parent company of Valuation Vision, calls the new product ""revolutionary.""

""I don't take the word revolutionary lightly, but once you've seen BPOMerge it's clear that providing three independent price opinions and reconciliation in a single report is changing what the industry thought possible with BPOs,"" Kirchmeyer says.


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