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Survey Finds iPhone, Android Use Almost Equal Among Agents

In the world of real estate agents, the iPhone reigns king-but just barely.


A survey conducted by ""Realis Real Estate Software"":http://www.realissoftware.com/ found that there seems to be no clear preference among agents between iPhone and Android-based phones-43 percent of agents use an iPhone, while 41 percent use an Android device. Among other brands: Nine percent of respondents said they use Blackberry phones, 3 percent use Windows 7 phones, and 4 percent use some other service.

The survey also found that 56 percent of iPhone also possess an iPad, while 58 percent of Android users do not own a tablet device.


While Apple may win in the category of mobile device adoption, its grip in the computer category was much weaker. The vast majority-80 percent-of agents said they use a PC, while only 18 percent use a Mac.

Interestingly, iPhone users seemed more drawn to social media as a means of conducting business. Three-quarters of iPhone users said they use social media for business, compared to only 55 percent of Android users. Overall, 64 percent of real estate agents said they employ various social media for business purposes.

Realis conducted the survey to gather information about how real estate agents use technology in their professional lives.

""As we look forward to launching our next product, Overture, we wanted to best understand the market we will be selling to through this information survey,"" said CEO and founder Lauren Roberts. ""Because the industry is beginning to recover from the housing crash, it is more important than ever for real estate agents to utilize the best and most effective technology to further their business.""

So much for settling the iPhone/Android debate.

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