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Two American Brokers Look to Launch MLS in the Phillipines

George B. Flessas intended to retire in the Philippines after selling his REO firm back in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Instead of settling, living in a new country inspired him to start another venture due to a need he saw for a nationwide multiple listing service (MLS) and the low cost to operate a business in the Philippines.



With long time friend and REO broker Marcus Shirley as his partner, both teamed up to create ""Dataflo MLS"":http://www.dataflomls.com/, a service which integrates search and list functions, continuing education modules and a real estate form and contract library.

The MLS is scheduled to launch August 2012 and will include general property listings (commercial and residential) and REOs. Flessas added the system will also include BPO technology and separate property management call centers.

Flessas, who currently resides in Cebu City, realized it was an ideal place to live due to the low cost of living and the modern infrastructure.

As a visitor who plans on making the Philippines his new home, Flessas explained that expats can't own single family units in the Philippines, but they can buy condominiums.

Through the MLS he and his partner are creating, interested buyers - whether locals or internationals - can more easily connect with brokers in the area.

Flessas said the MLS currently includes a membership of over 6,000 local brokers and a fewer than 1,000 international brokers.

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